Young The Giant – Young The Giant (Roadrunner Records)

August 21, 2011 by  

Question: What do you get when you cross Interpol with Phantom Planet and throw in some cooler than cool Californian funk-rock just for good measure? Any guesses? No?Well, the answer is Young The Giant.

Young The Giant is the self-titled debut album from the Californian quintet and it aint half bad.

Album opener Apartment kicks off the proceedings with a hearty spoonful of perky indie rock, chock-full of melodic guitars and equally melodic crooning vocals to boot. It is a dose of easy to swallow ear candy; the type of track which leaves you with one of them warm, fuzzy feelings inside. At least unless you?re a joyless moron who wouldn?t know fun if it hit him in the face with a giant inflatable hammer.

My Body is a towering statement of intent opening with a preceding dirty bass line before equilibrium is swiftly restored with some more familiar galloping, care-free guitar hooks. When the chorus kicks in (and boy, does it kick like a mule) it is a throw-your-hands-in-the-air moment destined to be shared to thousands over a festival PA system near you.

The first single from the album, Cough Syrup demonstrates the incredible diversity that this band are capable of. Awash with mellow guitars and poignant lyrics it couldn?t be more different than the preceding tracks. Miraculously though, Gadhia and co. somehow still manage to deliver the track in their habitual brand of sun-soaked rock.

Young The Giant is an album of two halves. Unfortunately rather than blooming as the album progresses the group fail to maintain their early momentum. This does not mean that the songs are bad, because they are not. 12 Fingers is pure beach breeze bliss while Islands is delicate and beautifully written; they just don?t demand a second listen.

Despite the faults, if their debut album is anything to go by then one thing is clear; Young The Giant have potential. It only takes one listen of their cover of Adele?s Rolling In The Deep to see just how talented these boys are. So while Young The Giant have their ups and downs on their debut I think they show enough to suggest that they are going to be around for a while. Then I guess they will have to change their name to Old The Giant.