Wu Lyf ? Go Tell Fire To The Mountain (LYF)

June 22, 2011 by  

Wu Lyf seemed to be a mystery for a long time, the band never gave out any interviews, no one knew who was actually in the band and there was only one photo out there in the world wide web which showed who they were. And even then they were wearing bandanna?s over their faces and smoke filled up the image. All this mystique and mysteriousness created a massive buzz along with their rare live performances and it led to the band making their debut titled ‘Go Tell Fire to the Mountain’.

The word on the web is this whole album was recorded in a disused church in Manchester, and you can tell this by the way every instrument sounds. The dynamics and acoustics on every song seem to have this eerie reverberation to them, the organ notes to opener ‘L Y F’ have this lonely atmospheric chill to them that linger through the speakers when played. Even the whimpering cries from the backing vocalists never seem to quite disappear, they seem to ghostly float through the track.

Stand out track on the album ‘We Bros’ has a slow build up with heavy emphasis on the drums, you seem to hear every tom smash and snare punch in detail showing once again how the bands creative recording techniques pay off. The drums drive this song along with the surf-pop styled guitars which make up a fantastic ending to the song.

There seems to be a similar style of construction for a certain number of the songs here, as well as ‘L Y F’ and ‘We Bros’, songs such as ‘Dirt’ and ‘Heavy Pop’ have the same grand arrangement to them which is quite similar to Arcade Fire during their ‘Funeral’ days. The long intro and outro, the melodramatic build up, the emotional vocals along with the massive amount of natural reverb make this album more then just a standard pop record, ‘GTFTTM’ has a movie-like quality to it.

It will be hard to find a more unique male lead vocalist this year then lead singer Ellery Roberts. Even though the lyrics seem to be unintelligible, it’s like Roberts unleashes this inner beast upon the microphone which seems to be some sort of highly passionate growl. These raw tones never change throughout the ten songs and you’ll find it impossible to sing a long too. However this doesn’t matter, you’ll be too busy being captivated by Roberts atmospheric grizzly cries which compliment the bands composition and sound so well.

Wu Lyf had to come out of that burrow they were hiding in when releasing this album and let the critics ravage them. They did get ravaged. The group got accused of being a sky scraper made indiepop boy-band with manufactured creativity. However if you put all the paper talk to one side and let the music make your decision, you’ll find ‘GTFTTM’ is a dark and intelligently crafted album that is like no other so far this year.