Wild Palms ? Until Spring (One Little Indian) 07/03/2011

March 9, 2011 by  

From the first echoes of ?Until Spring? it is very clear that Wild Palms are a very confused band. A mixture of too many influences (obvious influences at that) and a longing to be edgy, clever and accessible make for an album that falls short of all expectations. Singer Lou Hill?s Morrissey meets wedding singer vocals and empty wannabe poet lyrics leave nothing to be desired; neither do the standard indie rock song structure, U2 stadium rock guitars and pretentious song tittles like ?To The Lighthouse? and ?Delight In Temptation?.

Most of the album is reminiscent of mid 80?s bands like Tears For Fears or Simple Minds being covered by defunct bands from a few years ago like Mumm-Ra and Goodbooks (remember them?).

What the band are seemingly trying to achieve is to follow recent trends set by bands like Wild Beasts and Grizzly Bear while also trying to follow in the indie pop footsteps of the likes Bombay Bicycle Club. The result is an outdated collection of gloomy pop songs that don?t have any spark. To add insult to injury they come across very smug and drop clich?s like a wedding band covering Coldplay.

However, there is hope yet. They have shown some inkling to producing a more innovative and less contrived musical output, but for now it’s best to stick to ?Two Dancers? and wait for better things to come from Wild Palms.