Various – Kitsune Parisien! (Kitsune) 21/02/2011

March 2, 2011 by  

As a fellow Frenchie I?m ashamed to admit that I was not aware of the Kitsune collective. Kitsune?s ?delire? is to combine French Fashion and Music and do it effortlessly it seems. This collection from the two co founders Gildas and Andre is the latest compilation out of several they?ve put out in the short time they?ve been around. This is the best Paris currently has to offer musically according to our cooler than cool duo and it delivers.

Opening with an electro pop drunken tale of the night before by French duo Destin, Ad?la?de is a perfect piece of French – raconteur combined with synths and the bizarre use of a vocalizer. Followed by Destin is Birkii, her cutesy vocals and accent work well in English. Yan Wagner?s Recession Song is a marvel of sonic wonder, catchy new wave ’80s electro pop. The French seem to have a thing for British 80s retro at the moment but combined with their flair it?s a winner.

Discotastic times with Jupiter and their track Sake. Logo?s Hello.jpg is reminiscent of Daft Punk, no surprise why it?s on here given Gildas was Daft Punk?s right hand man for 15 years before founding Kitsune. Sauvage reminds me of MGMT, very indie, very soundscapy, very cool. More British influence with some Drum and Bass on Behold by Beataucue. Some French romance with Exotica?s Desorbitee one of very few French spoken songs on here, which is a slight disappointment. Closing with Cascadeur?s Meaning is a gorgeous come down from all that electronica.

Barring the disappointing lack of Francais on this compilation, I am quite impressed with Gildas and Andre?s pickings. If this is what we are to expect from the French music scene these days, then we are in a good place.

I will be in a gorgeous Parisian apartment listening to some kicking tunes very soon; well that?s the dream anyway.