Tribes – Baby (Island)

January 22, 2012 by  

Having been championed for some time by various music outlets, Tribes have finally released their eagerly anticipated debut album, Baby. As the record has already been tipped to be one of the debuts of 2012 (and it is not even the end of January yet), it has a lot to live up to.

The band themselves are trying to recreate a lost grunge-rock image and sound that has been lost to more mainstream music lately. However, it seems that their debut offering hasn’t really achieved anything out of the ordinary. The album opens with ?Whenever?, a song that wouldn?t sound out of place on a mid-90s Blur or similar Britpop record. ?Corner Of An English Field? is the album highlight, showing what this band are really all about, and proving that good indie music is still out there to be found. After that, it?s difficult to tell where one song ends and another one begins. All of them are good, but also very similar. It is hard not to imagine yourself at a student union bar, drinking cheap beer and tapping your foot along to the beat of this record. This is neither a good nor a bad thing, it just means that if Tribes had come along with this album about 8 years ago, it would have stood a better chance at creating a stir.

As it is, ?Baby? sits comfortably amongst the indie rock bands that are releasing albums right now, and will probably be one of the great debut offerings of 2012. What it won’t do is change the face of music dramatically.