Three Trapped Tigers ? Route One or Die (Blood & Biscuits)

May 22, 2011 by  

To use the old adage ?Sometimes actions speak louder than words? well, Three Trapped Tigers have embraced this motto and produced a frighteningly brilliant album, without any vocals in sight. From start to finish prepared to be wooed by the creative brilliance of the band as they indulge us with galloping drums, innovative synthesised sounds and an occasional rampant cowbell thrown into the mix for good measure. Keep up with the furious pace of the album, or you may get left behind.

Please do not dismiss this album as just noise, as its lack of structure adds to its beauty. It ebbs and flows, with the occasional aid of some awe-inspiring guitar work, into something that can only be described as startlingly brilliant. And just when you think your safe when peace and quiet descends (like halfway through first track Cramm) everything ignites back into action, and you are left feeling rather bewildered (In a rather good way).

Standout songs include; ?Zil? with its dull, tinkling windchimes and mesmerizing piano playing, which provides the listener an opportunity to take some respite before being plunged, head-first, back into the frenzied action. In ?Noise Trade? A writhing guitar menacingly prances around before being encompassed by a throbbing bassline, that?s how Three Trapped tigers roll!

Ignore the confrontational album name, once you get stuck in you will realize that three trapped tigers are mere pussycats trying to win your affection with their gloriously groundbreaking sound. So go on! Immerse yourself, I guarantee you will feel positively bewildered afterwards.