The Vaccines – What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? (Columbia)

March 16, 2011 by  

The good news is that after 10 years of searching we have finally found the UK?s answer to The Strokes and guitar music is cool again, and available for the whole world to enjoy. Even more good news is that we live in a society smart enough that all good music can live together in peace. The bad news is? well I?m not sure there is any. On ?What Did You Expect From?? Justin Young and his crowd of merry hipsters have really pulled off a great rock-pop record.

Still echoing the song writing ability and vocal style of Young?s old guise ?Jay Jay Pistolet? and wearing influences like Boy Scout badges, ?What Did You Expect ?? takes the Ken Loach out of Brit Pop and mixes in New York cool. Opening with a quick burst of Ramones in the 83 second long single ?Wrecking Bar (Ra Ra Ra)?, to an Interpol-esc break up anthem with a twist in ?Post Break-Up Sex?, before the echoing vocals of the nostalgia filled ?Wetsuit?, which could have come straight off ?Psycocandy?, kicks in the album plays like a tour of the band?s record collection. At times it is obvious that Young isn?t exactly on the same lyrical scale as Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen or even Julian Casablancas, but when does that matter when you can just wig out and loose your shit to it.

Due to them being made of ?chums of the industry?, Young already being a bona fide artist and Guitarist Freddie Cowan brother of one of The Horrors, their rise to fame has seemed a bit sudden. The days of them being unknown lasted about as long their gig at The Flowerpot and the big budget Columbia campaign did look like it was done on the hipstamatic app. At the end of the day though, this is what majors are for; to throw lots of money at great acts and for once they seem to have done a good thing. Yes it would be nice if they were our little secret but it?s quite nice to talk to everyman and his dog about them.

What did I expect from The Vaccines? Not a lot.

What did I get from The Vaccines? A great album that I?m not scared to say that I?ll treasure for a long while.