The Twilight Sad ? No One Can Ever Know (Fat Cat Records)

February 1, 2012 by  

No One Can Ever Know is the third full length from the boys from Kilsyth, Scotland and with a mysterious yet fashionable sound, this album is the most accessible yet.

Despite this, opening track ‘Alphabet’ is a bit of a washout. It plods along with little interest despite having some interesting and eerie instrumentation. ‘Nil’ is much the same with the addition of Piano and high-pitched synths until a rather 70s/80s-esque ending saves the track from being branded boring. ‘Don?t Look At Me’ is a lot faster and upbeat than its predecessors as is what is to follow on the record. Previously leaked ‘Sick’ is up next where James Graham?s vocals are showcased along with more synthesizers, which are accompanied by looping Guitars and Drums. ‘Dead City?’ has a tinge of early Kings of Leon at the beginning with yet more Synth to accompany.

With song titles like these you don?t need to be a genius to know this is a pretty tense and dark record. Penultimate track ‘Another Bed’ is my favourite of the lot and will be released along with b-side instrumental ‘A Million Ignorants’ on February 20th. Closing track ‘Kill It In The Morning’ has also previously been available and displays the new sound the band are venturing down well. The programming driven approach is clear throughout the album and is one they should definitely stick with.