The Rumble Strips – Welcome to The Walk Alone (Island) 13/07/2009

July 14, 2009 by  


Charles Waller and Co. are the latest band to be given the Mark Ronson treatment. Considering Ronson?s penchant for horns and The Rumble Strips having their own in-house trumpeter this should be a match made in heaven. Yet on Welcome To The Walk Alone neither band or producer seem to be playing to their strengths.

The album does fit the Dexy?s Midnight Runner?s mould of the band’s previous efforts, but leaves out much of the quirkiness, a choice which is incredibly ill judged. Although the songs are still there, in all their pop splendor, they lack the rawness of old and overreach themselves in the search of Phil Spector-esque landscape?s complete with string quartets playing bond themes courtesy of Owen Pallett

Many may point the finger at Ronson and even his inclusion in the credits may drive potential listeners away. It?s easy to see why. The record lacks the immediacy and jovialness that made their debut such a fun pop record. Now they have a record which still teeters on the banal but tries to dress itself up as something much more serious. Clearly Ronson has tried to push The Rumble Strips beyond their boundaries, but that?s not always a good thing.