The Joy Formidable – Wolf?s Law (Atlantic Records)

February 4, 2013 by  

The Joy Formidable - Wolf?s Law Album Cover

Welsh band The Joy Formidable have been around for a couple of years now and Wolf?s Law is their sophomore album, following their first release The Big Roar. On Wolf?s Law we find the Welsh trio delivering more indie anthems, which are more akin to a band who crave the limelight of stadium Rock – sounding very experimental much like Muse whom they supported this past year on Tour.

The Muse influence is very clear on tracks like ‘Tendons’, ‘Maw Maw Song’ and ‘Forest Serenade’ where the experimental stick has been battered around a bit – soundscapes, big guitars and climaxes galore.

They also have moments on the album with tracks like ‘The Turnaround and title track ‘Wolf?s Law’, which sound like they would sit well on a film soundtrack.

Wolf?s Law is an attempt to be epic, which mostly works well – especially with the acoustic ‘Silent Treatment’ – but the inevitable not so epic tracks are also present; like the repetitive, nonsensical track Bats – you are left wondering what it is they are trying to say if anything at all.

The Joy Formidable are what Catatonia (remember them) should have been years ago; an evolving band with loads of ambition to be great and crossover into the mainstream – a major challenge for a rock band today.