The Fall – Your Future Our Clutter (Domino) 26/04/2010

April 29, 2010 by  

The Fall are not trying to win over new fans with ?Your Future, Our Clutter?, and why should they? Having formed in 1976, and having released 27 albums, this their 28th, I think it is fair to say they are not chasing a pay cheque.

With such a loyal fan base, the task for Mark E Smith these days is to keep them happy and keep them interested at the same time. He could be going through the motions by now, but he?s not. In fact this album is weird even by his standards. Do not be mistaken, it is not weird for the sake of being weird, the music has a focus to it. Clocking in at 50 minutes and a misleading 9 tracks, this album sees Smith getting quite personal, venting his frustration at a number of things over ever-present, annoyed guitar riffs.

We hear Smith attacking Uncut journalist Ben Marshall for an article printed which led to him being investigated by the RSPCA on ?Bury Pt.s 1 + 3?. Then on the album closer ?Weather Report 2?, “I watched Murder She Wrote at least five times/ The cast deserved to die”, alluding to his time spent in a wheel chair last year. You can hear the boredom oozing out of him and get the impression this album was his release.

Perhaps what stands out most here though is the drumming, which would sound at home on an Arctic Monkeys record. No surprise then that the producer is Ross Orton, a drummer as well as a successful producer, having drummed for Jarvis Cocker. He helps bring a real groove to the music that supplements the warbling vocals and gritty guitars brilliantly, particularly on opener ?O.F.Y.C Showcase? and ?Mexico Wax Solvent?. The opener is also as close to a trademark Fall song as this album gets. There is a more light-hearted cover of rockabilly track ?Funnel Of Love? towards the end which acts as a bit of a breather being the only track under 3 minutes (7 of the 9 are over 5 minutes).

The album may not be a Fall classic, and it may not reach the new listeners it would had it been a debut album, but this a good album by any standards and one that will surely please Smith fans.