The Crookes ? Chasing After Ghosts

March 29, 2011 by  

It may be slightly disrespectful to start a review by talking about other band?s but when a band hails from Sheffield, it seems like its more disrespectful not to. From the days of Pulp in the Eighties, to Arctic Monkeys in the noughties, there has always been a certain amount of musical respect and integrity from the city. Don?t let Def Leppard make you forget that.

Next in line to try and make us proud of Yorkshire, is The Crookes, a band who have already been described as Steve Lamacq?s ?favourite British band?, as well as being named BBC 6 Music?s favourite new band. High praise indeed. But are they good enough to justify the praise?

Their debut album, Chasing after Ghosts, gives enough reason to think they might do. The front man has a great voice; the lyrics are very clever and can at times, be very strong and poetic…but the album as a whole does seem to be lacking a certain something.

That certain something is hard to put your finger on. The obvious similarities and influences of bands such as The Smiths shine from the voice and lyrics, but the music that back?s it up doesn?t have the same edge to it. The guitaring is, at times, quite bland, and you feel that with a bit more to it, then we could be onto a real winner.

However this isn?t the worst thing as the sound does work very well on certain tracks. City of Lights is a track which keeps your attention throughout, as is album opener Just Like Dreamers. It?s just a shame that the majority of the other tracks don?t quite keep you as hooked to the album as perhaps, with the obvious talent around, you would expect.

For a first album, it?s a decent effort and hopefully the second album will continue the good sound while managing to find that certain something that will slot them into Sheffield folklore.