The Computers – This Is The Computers (One Little Indian)

April 19, 2011 by  

To be sure of what you get out of The Computers, you have to be sure of what you want. The Exeter rockers have been kicking up a storm of late, catching the attention of the playlisters at Radio 1 and being championed by the one, the only, Zane Lowe, amongst others.

And for anyone who may have been listening into these first glimpses of a new band on the cusp of breaking out, what their debut 11-track delivers is much more of the same. In fact, there is barely any straying from the path that this engaging four-piece have wandered down. What we see here are levels of sameness that you see in the seminal works by bands like Green Day and The Gaslight Anthem, and like those bands best albums, ‘This Is The Computers’ is also very good.

Recently, there has been a softening towards hardcore and punk vocals on mainstream radio. Bands such as Bring Me the Horizon, We Are the Ocean and probably most notably of all, Gallows have all done the leg work that could potentially help The Computers thrive in the daytime schedules as much as the specialists. In fairness, their particular brand of punk is more radio-friendly then some of the aforementioned hard rockers, but it seems that they have come along at just the right time to take advantage of an opening up by the commercial broadcasting hierarchy.

Musically, ‘This Is The Computers’ is a real indie rock ‘n’ roll blues stomp fused with explosions of power, angst and a touch of soul from the throat of singer Alex Kershaw. The result makes for an unusual truce which just seems to work without ever having to explain itself. The only problem you’re going to have with this album isn’t going to be figuring out when one song ends and another begins – it’s going to be that with no track ever getting anywhere close to 3 minutes in length, you’ll be left pining for more of the same.