The Automatic – Tear The Signs Down (Armoured) 8/03/2010

March 22, 2010 by  

I am somewhat surprised that The Automatic are still around to make a 3rd album and I have absolutely no doubt that if it weren’t for ?Monster?, they wouldn’t be. They appeared on the scene in the summer of ’06 when indie-pop was at its peak. Kaiser Chiefs and The Futureheads were both better and more successful at the time than The Automatic, and they have both faded away, so setting up your own record label (having parted ways with previous label B-Unique/Polydor) to fund a third album is both brave and impressive.

What is not so impressive is this album. It sounds like the band haven?t decided whether to ditch their adolescent screaming in search of a more credible sound, or to stick with the formula that has at the very least, earned them 3 albums. They do neither, as while there are obvious attempts to expand their sound, they can?t help but revert back to the power chords and harmonies and essentially this results in a lack of melody within the songs.

This is evident on the album opener, ?Insides?, which is a mess. Singles ?Interstate? and ?Run and Hide? are familiar sounding tracks offering nothing you haven?t heard before, and even album highlights ?List? and ?Sweat Heat Noise? are both lacking in melody.

The vocals are poor, the lyrics are poor and now they do not even have the catchy/annoying songs to fall back on. They were never going to change the world with their music, but the novelty of this band, and this genre, seems to have now completely worn off.