The Antlers ? Burst Apart (Transgressive Records)

June 8, 2011 by  

I had a very distinct first impression on my very first play of this album, ultimate chill out. I could just imagine myself relaxing in the Caribbean sunshine just swaying to and fro on a hammock with the US trio?s latest instalment ?Burst Apart? making its way through my system.

The latest studio album follows the successful ?Hospice? which was self-released and they sold out all of their copies showing a huge fan base that The Antlers seem to contain. Originally a solo project by Peter Siberman, it then evolved into a collaborative band with Michael Lerner and Darby Cicci joining to create what we now recognise as the band.

The album opens with ?I Don?t Want Love? and signals a very slow paced, relaxed tempo to the start of the album. I was most impressed with the quality of vocals displayed by Mr Siberman effortlessly floating into falsetto displaying that along with the very distinctive sound that the band are trying to portray, there is some real musical ability to back it up.

?French Exit? follows in a similar vein with the same type of sound being executed once more. This kind of sound can be best compared to bands such as ?Animal Collective? or more recent ?MGMT? with the whining guitars backed up by the delicate vocals.

The next track ?Parentheses? starts with a slightly different vibe. The military drums and siren sound fx give it a different feel with the falsetto of Siberman kicking in with Evanescence-esque type vocals. The chorus sees Antlers tap into a rockier style of guitar leading the album into a whole different sound, very strange considering the first two tracks.

?No Widows?, ?Rolled Together? and ?Every Night My Teeth are Falling Out? revert back to the earlier sound that Antlers seem to try and create. The guitars stay very much the same with a more surf-indie vibe to them. This all adds to the relaxing feel that the album creates with Siberman and co taking you through a very relaxing journey through this album.

The rest of the album follows with no particular gems in the latter stages but very strong in terms of musicality and the way in which the band are creating a solid sound. I have a lot of respect for a band who sticks to their sound in which The Antlers definitely do with the exception of ?Parentheses? which seems to be a random anomaly. However, the rest of the album taps into the idea of surf-indie-rock which is made for the California beaches with ?The Drums? and ?MGMT? pioneering that genre.

Overall, the album is very strong with no real stand outs but only one weak song so it is definitely worth a listen for any music fans due to the impressive musicality that is clearly distinctive through the whole of ?Burst Apart?.