Tanlines ? Mixed Emotions (True Panther)

March 26, 2012 by  

Tanlines’ Settings EP was made up of some of the most ‘summery’ songs released in 2010. It was a strong demonstration of their ability to make club-ready pop songs with a tinge of melancholy in the lyrics and vocal delivery.

Their debut album, Mixed Emotions, contains a few of these rousing summer pop anthems, but the gloominess is more prominent in both the vocals and the music. For the most part, the catchier, more upbeat tracks work better than the slower ones.

The album starts strongly, ‘Brothers’ building slowly in a warm haze of synths and beats, with the same line repeated throughout. Up next are ‘All of Me’ and album highlight ‘Green Grass’. This is Tanlines at their best- making irresistible pop songs that you can not help but dance to. Along with ‘Real Life’, taken from the aformentioned EP, these could three tracks could form a large part of your summer playlist.

However, the slower middle section of the album is something of a dip. The songs are not terrible, but this band excel more at warmth than loneliness and longing. The lyrical themes of regret and longing run throughout the album, but songs such as ‘Real Life’ and ‘Brothers’ provide an interesting, comforting dynamic which is not present in other places.

Mixed Emotions is not a perfect album, but when it works, it provides some of the most thrilling moments of pop music so far this year. Forget the faults, and pick and choose some of this year’s alternative summer anthems- there’s plenty here.