Sleepy Sun – Fever (All Tomorrows’ Parties) 31/05/10

May 27, 2010 by  

Sleepy Sun have unfurled from the West Coast of the USA as one of the most exciting things to be flung at your ears this year. They?re a psychedelic post rock band with a progressive bent: songs build and blossom into kaleidoscopic torrents only to fracture away into another band entirely, with breaks of gentle country folk. It?s as if Explosions in the Sky and Band Of Horses stitched themselves into a musical patchwork quilt with some Rory Gallagher embroidered on for good measure.

It?s not the first time they?ve had a record out, only last year they emerged from their bolt hole with debut ?Embrace?, returning now with sophomore ?Fever?, a nine track long player that?s a nourishing tonic for indie worn ears. Breaking out of their Santa Cruz confines this is the sound of a band preparing to dominate the very world. You can expect to be seeing much more of Sleepy Sun.

There?s a wonderful country soulfulness in the record that kicks in in its quieter lulls; guitars and harmonica lovingly string you along in a spacious slow jams writhing in reverb. The powerful music and lyrics are overwhelmingly evocative: second track ?Desert God? leads you down a dusty road, it?s impossible not to picture a cinematic horizon panning out around you with eagles wheeling overhead.

Elsewhere on the record we?re treated to an old-fashioned wah pedal shakeout, fuzzy guitar drowning in Theremin whirlpools, and the vocal totem of Brett Constantino bolstered by the sturdy lungs of Rachael Fannan locked on in harmony.

The dizzying dusty-blues rock of Sleepy Sun deserves a little of your time. It?ll reward you in spades.