Shit Browne – Every Single Penny Will Be Reinvested In The Party

July 19, 2010 by  

Skimming through the tracks of the crudely named band?s long titled debut, you?d be forgiven for thinking it?s another one of those nostalgia laden Newspaper compilation CDs, reminiscing over the lost days of the late 80s early 90s Manchester music scene.

Well you wouldn?t be far off. What you?re actually presented with is a five piece band, comprised of five Browne surnamed (by Deed Pole or relation not confirmed) Parisians making their very own tribute to the baggy pop ala Stone Roses (hence the name) / Charlatans, and the complete flip side of the genre defining Factory records.

Now as close as they get to authenticity, and as big as fans of this sound they are, they have failed miserably in either recreating or reinventing anything half as good with ?Every Single Penny..?.

Losing yourself in their inflicted nostalgia, you could mistake most of the album?s songs for shoddy covers and unremorseful rip-offs. ?Don?t Ask?, for example, almost certainly begins with the bongos to the break in ?I Am The Resurrection?, before drifting into the Happy Mondays covering ?Fools Gold?. Minus the gold. They even attempt a stab at relative latecomers Oasis? ?Rock N Roll Star? with ?New Colours?.

The key problem with this is that the more nostalgia you?re subjected to, the more you remember just how good some of this music actually was.

At some points they trick you into believing they were part of it, until the self referential ?Browne & Proud? reminds you they won?t, and probably won?t ever be, including the lyrics, ?Learning from the Mondays, wanking on the Roses, copying the Charlatans, smoking the Carpets? before actually spelling out to you that they ?invented nothing?.

Occasionally, taking this with a pinch of salt, they can jangle out a neat – yet hardly earth shattering – song or two. ?Betty?s Cake? is as jingle-jangly as Johnny Marr?s genes, and ?Sunflower? just reaches beyond imperceptibility.
Unfortunately it?s about as good as it gets.

For a band whose influences include ?Ass, Titties, Mokassa, and Chemistry?, it?s difficult to see if they?re just having a laugh or want to succeed as honorary members of the Madchester following, but the fact remains that the options for Shit Browne as either a comedy troupe or the genuine article will become increasingly limited until they produce either a punch line – or a decent album.