Seekae – +Dome (Rice Is Nice)

January 5, 2012 by  

Australia isn?t exactly renowned for producing world-class electronic artists, but recently there seems to have been an unexpected renaissance of aussie knob twiddlers, and judging by their latest offering the Sydney threesome of Seekae seem to be spearheading this charge.

A lot of ambient dub electronic music seems to feel rather bland and meaningless, but the various intriguing soundscapes and twitching textures of Seekae seem to buck this trend and their combination of drum machines and real drum kits, various synthesisers, guitars, and Apple Macs seem to gel together rather magnificently and its clear to see that Seekae are a bunch of incredibly skillful musicians who are clearly the masters of their machines.

Without doubt the best song on the album is ?Blood Bank? with its jumbled cacophonies of oohs and ohs set over shuddering sub-bass and is topped of with some gentle swathes of synthesiser, which provides a pleasing contrast to the heavy bass. They take a completely different direction in final track ?You?ll?, and describing it as achingly beautiful seems like an extreme understatement as it sounds like it could have been plucked straight from the tender vocal recesses of Bon Iver. Its ghostly plate reverbed vocals are halfway between being chillingly haunting and downright gorgeous, and they seem to melt into the mellow thrums of the acoustic guitar, to create a song that will never lose its magical appeal no matter how many times you listen to it.

If this album remained ?underground?, strictly for the ears of the coolest ?sound foragers? then that would be a crying shame because this album deserves so much more. From bedroom to the big wide world, it?s only a step the bravest producers/musicians dare to take, and on the basis of +Dome, just count yourself lucky that they did just that.