Rolo Tomassi – Cosmology (Hassle) 24/05/2010

June 5, 2010 by  

Rolo Tomassi’s latest release, ‘Cosmology’, is perfect for Rolo Tomassi fans and it will tick the boxes of everything you love about this band. That’s not to say it’s predictable in anyway, far from it in-fact. The band recording their album with DJ and producer Diplo should be evidence enough of that.

‘Katzenklavier’ is a very haunting start to the album that briefly settles the listener into calmness, but in true Tomassi fashion quickly displays a full scale frantic audio assault. In the first few minutes you can clearly hear that this album is heavier than their previous releases. One example is Eva Spence’s vocal changes, along with her brother James on additional vocals, there seems to be more brutality behind their duel voices.

Blasting straight into the stop/start introduction of ‘House House Casanova’ it clearly shows that they’ve kept very close to their roots, with very short songs and many celebrations of previous heroes, no more so than the various workings from Dillinger Escape Plan’s ‘Calculating Infinity’.

The various horrible sounds on the album make it just delectable. ‘Party Wounds’ is a well rounded single, establishing Rolo Tomassi and placing them into their own niche. In places it’s eerie and strange, but still very poppy and uplifting. This band really do write great songs!

Eva Spence seems a lot more comfortable with her singing abilities, displaying them on various parts of this album and experimenting with new sounds and ideas. The imagination of each track is astounding, the album has a very continuous flow but each track is very unique. For example, ‘Unromance’ has a very punky hardcore vibe that is quite upbeat to begin with, then the track begins to display time signatures that move so fast that it becomes an audio outburst.

The album never looses a beat and never rests with its dirty breakdowns, which are absolutely out of time with everything else that’s happening today. Being as left-field as they are, this album is heavy as hell! However, it soon does a complete turn with the introduction of ‘Kasia’, with its harmonic electronic intro and Eva’s elegant voice displayed over it. The song is beautiful and atmospheric, but then suddenly turns to big soundscapes on a purely epic level. But of course it is never just as simple as that. The song again changes into an 8-bit electronic nightmare, crushing to the ear and absolutely furious until the end.

With the heavier tracks on this album it’s just assualt after assault. ‘Sakia ‘is a good example of this, sending you into a whirlwind of aggression, which descends into an ambient environment – the electronics really enhance the huge sound of this band. ‘Tongue-in-Chic’ refers back to their irate hardcore sound. Fast and insane, the song suddenly moves into a jazz-type section and then again suddenly creates massive soundscapes – the creativity of this album is absolutely astounding.

This release is just a small taster of what Rolo Tomassi are capable of with their career and musical imagination. Staying true to their hardcore roots but letting themselves be more open to new ideas and creating their own little slot in UK hardcore scene.