Noah And The Whale – The Last Night On Earth (Mercury)

March 24, 2011 by  

After being dominated by American music for so long, it seems that the British music scene is fighting back. In recent
times, there has been a new genre of music that can only be described as ?indie meets folk?, and that is exactly where Noah And The Whale sit. Unless you were living underground in 2008, you could not have failed to hear their infectious, radio-friendly ?5 Years Time?, which was on nearly everywhere. This gained them a cult following, and propelled the band in to the mainstream.

Last Night On Earth is the band?s third album, and is a progression from their previous offerings. The opening track, Life Is Life, serves as an upbeat introduction to the album. Sometimes you are left feeling like each track is taken from a different genre, but it all seems to come together. From the gospel singers on Life Is Life, to the violin on the more up-tempo Waiting For My Chance To Come, the album is experimenting with different sounds.

Lead singer, Charlie Fink, has one of the most unique voices in music today, although comparisons to the old greats are unavoidable. Bruce Springsteen, Lou Reed; not bad comparisons and it?s obvious in Give It All Back that Springsteen is somewhat of an influence, as lyrics ?formed a band with couple of friends, and we called ourselves the Devil?s Playhouse, influences like Bruce and the band? are a nod, perhaps autobiographically, to the man himself.

Overall, this album is probably their most career defining to date. It is not pretending to be something it?s not, nor does it feel heavily produced. Their take on the new wave of folk music, which has seen other bands such as Mumford and Sons become hugely popular, is working well. Last Night On Earth is a wholly great album, written with integrity and with Fink?s vocals, it?s a magnificent third offering.