Mother Mother – Eureka (Last Gang Records)

May 16, 2011 by  

First impressions can be really deceiving, but they don?t have to be disappointing. Observe.

Mother Mother are a seemingly happy-go-lucky quintet hailing from Canada that make an embracing blend of experimental joy-rock. Their third album ?Eureka? is an effort in much the same vein as their previous albums, but this time has the potential to speak to a wider audience and break the boundaries of a North America that has been housing them since their inception in 2005, and is all set to snap you out of your winter blues upon first listening.

And that first listen does just that. It?s buoyant, catchy and often shamefully pleasurable. But look a little closer, and you?ll see this isn?t just some saccharine-rock jolly (See Orson, The Feeling). This is a solid 5-piece making a sturdy album, and if you scratch the surface just a little, you?ll see that what sets this band apart from the ?People Who Bought This Also Liked This? brigade is that they have a whole load of heart with which to back up their eager sound.

The lyrics are where the real truth to the songs lie, and author Ryan Guldemond?s words are stark with barely a hint of a cover-up. There are no hidden messages lurking behind witty double meanings. The words and sentiments are all on display, a heart-shaped tattoo on his sleeve. The music is just a mask for what is sometimes a very awkward, almost introverted writer.

That?s not to say every song is trying to hide something. There are happy songs, and there are also the occasional troughs to counteract the peaks but nothing too dramatic, and the definite heights of this album far outweigh any lulls in tempo. For the most part it?s a romp that you are happy to go along with and lead single ?The Stand? is the record?s outrageously addictive general consensus, but there are also reflective moments.

As overcompensation for an overactive brain and stark neurosis goes, this is just about the pinnacle that all those afflicted could wish to reach. It?s an unexpected burst of fun; the emotions are real but don?t leave you feeling empty and with the summer upon us, would make for a nice addition to any BBQ playlist you?re undoubtedly going to make regardless of what the long-range weather forecasts say.

First impressions here are of another band with a 6-month mission to make that musical sunshine song that commercial radio will club us to death with before disappearing forever. But no matter how much of a mark they make, if any, Mother Mother seem set to go the distance in their own time and for that reason, could be around for a lot longer than many will initially give them credit for.