Moby – Wait For Me (Little Idiot Records) 29/06/09

July 16, 2009 by  


During his recent promotional tour Moby has promised that his new album ?Wait For Me? is a return to a much more melancholic and minimalist approach to song writing. Having omitted he felt embarrassed by his attempts to capitalize on his success by making music for the ?commercial? market it?s a welcome return to the organic approach to song writing which made his earlier albums a success. The album doesn?t go quite as far back as his early techno days yet back are the beguiling melodies and chilling string backdrops.

To add to the albums charm ?Wait For Me? was recorded at Moby?s homemade bedroom studio and was fed by a musical diet of old Joy Division records. This has lead to an incredibly melancholic feel to the songs. It?s very hard to pick out individual songs for praise as, it?s clear the album is written to be listened to as a whole. Subsequently each snippet of music adds to the tension and the atmospheric tone. Whether it be the morbid tale of ?Mistake? or the 55 seconds of dense white noise that is ?Stock Radio?, each of these musical fragments come together to form one epic melancholic journey.


By Chris Cummins