Miles Kane – Colour Of The Trap (Columbia)

May 30, 2011 by  

Miles Kane is only 25 but he’s done it all. From starting off in the little known band The Little Flames to moving into slightly more well known territory with The Rascals, he moved to massively well known with the project he shares with a certain monkey, Alex Turner. That band are The Last Shadow Puppets, whose debut album went straight to number one and garnered much critical acclaim.

While Mr. Turner went away to work on a new album with his little band the Arctic Monkeys, Mr. Kane has gone on to make his own debut album, Colour Of The Trap, an album which has a lot of buzz around it and was on many people’s ‘Ones to Watch’ lists for the year.

However, the album itself isn’t as good as the hype would suggest. Opening track Come Closer kicks the record off brilliantly, with a catchy chorus and strong riff, whereas the next track Rearrange continues the good sound with a more laid back style but is a fine song – arguably the best on the record.

Unfortunately, the rest of the album isn’t as good as the opening two tracks. Kane seems to have forgotten which decade he is in, and although quite a few of the songs are good, they’re just not great and many throw back to the sound of the 60s/70s more than being relevant to a 2011 audience.

A few highlights sneak in throughout the album. Quicksand is very good as is Kingcrawler, but on the whole as an album, I, unfortunately, was expecting a lot more. None of it is original, the more original songs on it have already been done on his mate’s Arctic Monkeys last album, where as the others have been done many times before over the past thirty years.

Being unoriginal isn’t a particular bad thing, it’s hard to be original but it seems bad in this case because of how much potential Miles Kane has shown over his past work with The Rascals and The Last Shadow Puppets. In short, it’s worth a listen but I would spotify it more than buying it. Then look out for a hopefully better second attempt.