Metronomy ? The English Riviera (Becuase Music/Warner)

April 4, 2011 by  

Ahoy Ahoy! It?s time to air those pasty legs of yours and don some skimpy shorts, which can only mean one thing… It?s summertime. Metronomy have cottoned onto this fact, and have produced a delightful album that will perfectly complement those forthcoming long, sweltering days.

On the ?English Riviera? Metronomy have done what they do best; fusing lackadaisical guitars, mind bogglingly high vocal parts and minimal drums (and adding a cheeky maraca every now and again, just to keep you on your toes) which creates a rather compelling outcome.

Standout songs include; ?Trouble? where chiming guitars and undercurrents of synth allow lead singer Joseph Mount to lay down his almost angelic vocals, painfully conceding ?But what I do to you, is always come back to you, my heart is oh so true?, which makes this Metronomy?s attempt at a love song… but this is not just any old love song, as it contains some rather startling vocoded vocals. Awww how romantic.

?She Wants? presents a throbbing combination of deep synthesiser and impeccably plucked bass, topped off with a rattling tambourine which is sure to get the sweaty masses grooving come festival season. On ?The Look?, a sumptuous church organ dominates proceedings, and as the other instruments steadily filter in one thing becomes clear, the sheer brilliance of Metronomy?s compositional skills – sometimes keeping it simple really is best.

Metronomy?s music is a breath of fresh air, who else would dare to sample some dastardly seagulls and then put some euphoric violins over the top. Simply ludicrous, but very welcome.

This could be the album that propels Metronomy into the mainstream, it feels almost wrong to hide them away for much longer.