Mac DeMarco – 2

October 21, 2012 by  

Mac DeMarco is a 22-year-old Canadian dude who likes smoking cigarettes and wearing lipstick. I like to wear lipstick and to smoke cigarettes but the difference between us is that he’s actually released an EP, Rock&Roll Nightclub, and his debut album is out this this week, when well, I can’t even play three chords on a guitar properly.

Anyway, his previous EP, Rock&Roll Night Club, was all right – kind of great if you’re into the whole ?I’m trying really hard to sound like a mix between Chris Isaac & Elvis but sound a bit cheesy? kind of thing. Though to be fair, it did have one particularly nice song, ?Only You? but nothing that would strike you as pure genius or out of the ordinary – especially when you live in East London and can find five dream-pop bands per square meter.

Thankfully, Mac DeMarco has dropped the whole crooner act for his second album 2. His voice is soothing – I even fell asleep the first time I listened to it. At first I thought this was a bad sign, but no, this album is better than Valium! Listen to it in the morning, on the Tube, or after work and you’ll feel it growing on you and annihilating any sign of stress from your body. I also advise headphones. BIG HEADPHONES.

But what?s great about the album is that I’ve found myself thinking it’s average a couple of times, just to be struck at how good it actually is if you leave out the coughing and talking bits – why Mac DeMarco, why would you do this?

?Annie? seems average at first and then the sound drops while he claims “he’s going down”, and God, I’m not even joking, I went all the way down with him and can only wish you the same. Songs such as ?Dreaming? and ?Ode to Viceroy? are as dreamy as you could wish them to be. Again, be prepared to gaze lazily at the stars like a retard while listening to them.

Although there isn’t much variety on the album, Mac DeMarco sticks to a genre that fits him like a glove – and I did tell my friends it gave me a boner a couple of times. Closing track ?Still Together? is absolutely beautiful and is the perfect conclusion to this album – my heart sank at each “together” his high-pitched voice let out, and he let out 14 of them, ahaha.