Laura Marling – I Speak Because I Can (Virgin) 22/03/2010

April 7, 2010 by  

Laura Marling?s second album will probably always be known as the ?break-up? album. I Speak Because I Can has been released after the end of Laura Marling and the lead singer of Noah and the Whale?s relationship. Noah and the Whale?s second album has the same accolade attached to it and I am sure that some of the songs on both albums are as a result of this relationship. This is an easy assumption to make, because both albums describe the complexities of loving and broken unions.

‘Made by Maid’ and ‘Blackberry Stone’ describe relationships that were not exceedingly happy, but they also demonstrate the intricacy of emotion that happens when you invest time and passion into another person. Her emotional maturity that should come from someone older than her 20 years can be heard clearly on ‘Goodbye England (Covered in Snow)’ a song describing the effortless things that happen in a relationship and it is those simple memories that mean more than the complex or hurtful ones. Although none of Marling?s songs are particularly merry, they do not fall to the ?slow and whiney? song stereotype. ‘Devil?s Spoke’, ‘Alpha Shallows’ and ‘Darkness Descends’ all pack a rhythmic punch and instrumentation from more European lands.

The strongest aspect to Marling?s second album is her vocal range. She doesn?t cover a large number of notes, but the way she shapes words and phrases in her songs should belong to a singer on her fifth or sixth album. As a follow up to Marling?s very successful first album I Speak Because I Can cements the praise she received for Alas I Cannot Swim and I?m sure that it will be as triumphant.