Ladytron – Best Of Ladytron 00-10 (Nettwerk)

April 6, 2011 by  

Ladytron are a British formed International electro cult band (Vocalists Helen Marnie and Mira Aroyo, DJ Daniel Hunt and Reuben Wu – Liverpool/Glasgow/Bulgaria), who after 10 years of making obscure electronica are celebrating by releasing a best of collection. This indeed is a ?Best Of? as oppose to a ‘Greatest Hits’, as there are no hits on here that I or anyone else knows off, barring Ladytron?s cult following. Having said that, they have been underrated for many years and cult bands only become cult when they have been rejected by the mainstream for what they represent does not quite fit into pop culture at that time or at any time.

Of course, that does not mean there?s a lack of talent, in fact it doesn?t mean anything except that mainstream media has way too much control in dictating what the general public should be listening too. It?s time to stand up and be counted music listeners.

Ladytron are good, in fact they are excellent and it makes no musical sense why they shouldn?t be revered in the popular press and media, especially when other electro pop divas who don similar names attract all the praise for exploiting their sound. They pioneered the 80?s new wave revival movement when the Gaga was still half the name of a Queen song. The proof is in tracks like Destroy Everything You Touch, a catchy anthem like new wave pop song reminiscent of New Order. The collection charts the progress of the band?s sound fairly well, going from Seventeen, an amateur-ish track about the modelling world, to Fighting In Built Up Areas, a track Kraftwerk would sure rate highly, and new tracks Little Black Angel and Ace of Hz are further proof of the growth in songwriting and sound.

Their lack of mainstream success mainly suggest that they were well ahead of their time and caught the snobbish part of the press? attention, who were themselves still hoping to find the new Oasis at the time and couldn?t foresee the future of pop music. Get this collection if you want to understand a little bit of what makes the Gaga tick.