Kyla La Grange ? Ashes (Ioki/Sony)

September 3, 2012 by  

On first listen it?s easy to compare Kyla La Grange to Florence and The Machine. Like with Florence there is a heavy sense of melodrama and gothic tendencies in her music, and she does favour big production ? as is heard on the call to arms lead track of the LP, ?Walk Through Walls?. Where Kyla differs is with her versatile vocals; she knows when to reign in that big voice of hers, as on ?Vampire Smile? where she is at her sultry best, and at times even produces a fragile, folky vocal like on ?Heavy Stone?.

Having had the chance to check the lady out live at the last Dot to Dot, when Kyla performed there was not a sound to be heard as all eyes were fixed on her. That is how good a live performer she is.

Her music is also darker, and while the heavy production can sometimes distort the most important aspect of the song ? the vocal – the mix of production styles allow Kyla to retain her own identity; even on the tribal tones of ?Been Better? it?s her vocal range that shines through.

While other singers appear to hide behind ?big? production, Kyla as a songwriter is an alluring prospect; slowly inviting you in to take a look and then grabbing you by the throat with her musical prowess until you can?t resist her witchy charms.