Kitty, Daisy and Lewis – Smoking in Heaven (Sunday Best)

June 3, 2011 by  

The Brother and Sisters trio releases second album ?Smoking in Heaven?, bringing you the best of the golden era of the birth of Rockin and a Rollin. Question: Is this authentic retro goodness or a lack of imagination and originality? Answer: Not sure.

Musically these cats are as tight as a doll?s bun and at a combined age of 61 years old this trio are impressive accomplished musicians. Between them they play up to fifteen musical instruments including the Guitar, the Drums, the Bongo, the Ukulele, the Trombone ect…

But haven?t we heard all this from Amy Winehouse just a few years back? Maybe so but this is that much more authentic in its genre and a sound representation of the era, it?s a real throwback to early Rock n Roll, Jazz and Blues with a touch of Ska. It sounds good and its fun but unlike Amy?s Back to Black this album possesses no stand out tracks or vocal, with the exception of track 7 Messing with My Life, which inexplicably sounds like a demo the Sugababes would have recorded in their early days, kicks in to upset the mood of the record. Beyond that you have nothing to get excited about, lyrically it?s standard honky-tonk chatter, musically again it?s just standard finger clicking, foot tapping fun done by the book.

You just get the sense that they are playing at being early rockers and blues players, which is fine, and they are good at it but it?s sadly not very exciting.

With a trend of Rockabilly style invading pop culture with shows like Dreamboats and Petticoats, Dita Von Teese?s burlesque shows and pop singers like Katy Perry embracing the pin up Doll style, this trio are riding a wave that seems far from wiped out.

Guys and Dolls may have a Rockabilly good time listening to this record but may also find it a bit of a bore.