Junior Boys ? It’s All True (Domino Records)

July 11, 2011 by  

The Canadian duo Junior Boys are back with their fourth release, titled ‘It’s All True’. They have dropped the head scratching complexity of their previous albums, which listeners are normally use to, for a more laid back approach, bringing elements from many different genres from funky house to mid 90’s R&B.

That slick R&B sound is evident in the opening track ‘Itchy Fingers’, especially in the intro and chorus as Jeremy Greenspan sings ?If your playing with my mind, you hide your itchy fingers well?, with a voice which is half Ed Macfarlane of Friendly Fires fame and half James Murphy if he had joined a boy band instead of starting LCD Soundsystem. The actual track has a zany robotic feel to it as you just don’t know what sounds are going to come up next; however the well constructed production of the song fleshes out every bouncy synth to make it less of a mess.

Adding to that funky electro pop influence from LCD Soundsystem are the tracks ‘You’ll Improve Me’ and ‘Second Chance’ which both have that jaunty I-don’t-know-how-to-dance-to-this vibe going on. This goes for a lot of the Junior Boys work throughout this album, you can imagine if any of these songs hit a dance floor every person would be dancing something different. The duo have canned so many different dance orientated genres, mixed them up and poured it all over this release.

All the songs on ‘It’s All True’ are more then four minutes long so by the time you get to the bubbly bit pop sounds of ‘Kick the Can’ your ears feel tired and your head just can’t nod any more. However the refreshing sounds of the albums epic closer ‘Banana Ripple’ wakes you up for another nine minutes to take in the electronic house styled beats and the funky grooves that were employed earlier on in the album.

‘It’s All True’ may not be as interestingly crafted as the other competition in its genre and it may not bring a new ground breaking style to electronic music but it is a fun listen. Junior Boys have sharpened their song writing and beat making skills yet again for another lively release.