Iron and Wine – Kiss Each Other Clean

February 7, 2011 by  

For those not familiar with the artist, Iron and Wine is the alias for Texas based songsmith Samuel Beam. Specialising in writing a blend of largely dreamy, textured and tenderly written tunes Kiss Each Other Clean is the artist?s fourth studio recorded album.

Having left off in 2007 with the album The Shepherd?s Dog, Iron and Wine?s latest is not a particularly great deviation from the artist?s previous effort with instrumentation such as glockenspiel, beats and electronica providing incidental twists to what is essentially a strong but yet a fairly standard approach to song writing.

Opening with the plodding Walking Far From Home, the track is complimented by heart-warming lyrics and the gliding melody is certainly one you?ll certainly wish to hear again. Other stand out track Tree By The River highlights Iron and Wine?s talent at being able to write frankly beautiful melodies and for one of the few times, the track helps the album to leave first gear.

Interestingly, the aptly titled track Glad Man Singing showcases the fact that the Iron and Wine vocalist shares similar vocal qualities to fellow singer Ben Bridwell of U.S band Band of Hoses.

Other than this Kiss Each Other Clean is a slightly odd album as it is neither weak nor strong with Beam?s work seemingly more about capitalising on the strong ?moments? that he creates than anything else.

The rather predictable song writing perhaps doesn?t particularly help matters and in taking this form it is hard to separate Iron and Wine from the host of other writers plying their trade in a similar vein.

On the whole Kiss Each Other Clean is a curious piece of work, not life changing but then again not bad either.