Howling Bells – The Loudest Engine (Cooking Vinyl)

September 28, 2011 by  

The world may be full of rock bands, but few can boast a kick-ass female lead singer who delivers great vocals with an awesome band. Howling Bells are here to prove that they have set their sights on, and intend to achieve mainstream success..

Having toured with some of the greatest bands of the moment, Howling Bells now return with their third album, The Loudest Engine. Produced in Las Vegas? Battle Born Studios, there is an obvious American undertone to the sound of this album. It is guitar heavy with lead singer, Juanita Stein?s enchanting, vixen vocals over the top of some great riffs from guitarist, Joel Stein (Juanita?s brother) and strong bass lines from bassist Brendan Picchio. Drummer, Glenn Moule completes the magic formula that this band have, and this album proves that they have grown up now to a different level of music, where they are finally achieving the success they deserve.

Catchy opening track, ?Charlatan?, sets the bar high for the rest of the album, and tracks such as ?The Wilderness? and ?Secrets? maintain the catchy melodies and deep sounds that Howling Bells are so very good at. Even on slower tracks, such as ?Sioux?, the songs are still punchy and provide the interlude between the louder, rockier tracks.

It is very easy to compare Stein to an array of female singers such as PJ Harvey or Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. However, she has a unique talent of her own which, coupled with the musicianship of Howling Bells as a whole, provides a very unique rock sound. The band are certainly back with a bang, and this album is their best to date.