Hot Chip – In Our Heads (Domino)

June 12, 2012 by  

Having been away from the game for a couple of years, and with members of the band busying themselves with other side projects? – Alexis Taylor with About Group, Al Doyle and Felix Martin with New Build and Joe Goddard with The 2 Bears – the Hot Chip ship has certainly been flagging of late. But the arrival of new album In Our Heads has put them back on course in rather spectacular fashion. As they have brought a new dance orientated approach to proceedings, full of fizzling synths and chopped up vocal samples – don?t worry the usual liberal lashings of cow bell are still present – Hot Chip have certainly been busy honing their skills, and it definitely shows as they display a whole host of new and enticing electronic trickery that make this album rather brilliant.

?Night and Day? marks Hot Chip?s return to brilliance. It?s packed full of everything you have come to expect from the London five-piece; from a shamelessly dirty repetitive bassline, the usual silky smooth vocals and some tongue-in-cheek humour as Alexis pronounces ??We?re not in Ayia Napa, do I look like a rapper? – well I?m glad we cleared that one up, thanks Alexis.

It?s all so deliciously brilliant and uniquely Hot Chip, and it?s sure to take over from ?Over & Over? as a staple ?Indie Disco? floorfiller. In an album full of big hitters, ?Let Me Be Him? provides a welcome relaxing respite; ?the light ticklings of the drum machine paired with the rather anthemic chorus of ooh?s and woah?s, will be the perfect accompaniment to while away the forthcoming long sweltering days of ?summer?. Or it probably would sound just as delightful on some iPod headphones, cramped on a mucky bus – your choice.

Their recent appearance on Jools Holland provided us with a tantalising sneak-peak of some of the new songs from the album, and showed us that they are a rejuvenated force that certainly means business. After five albums in, Hot Chip certainly show no signs of slowing down – expect them to be rampant come festival season, especially now that their sets will be bolstered with tracks from In Our Heads.