Holy Ghost! ? Holy Ghost! (DFA) 11/04/2011

April 8, 2011 by  

I have found this review very hard; putting my thoughts into words is not as easy as usual. After following the career of New York?s Holy Ghost! since my first listen on Digitalism?s Kitsune compilation back in 2008 they have always been a bit ? meh. They make music that revisits ?80s pop music, a genre that from day one has walked on a very thin tightrope between awfully cheesy and awfully fun, and in some cases just awful. On their debut album the boys just cross unharmed, but have forgotten to bring anything remarkable with them.

I put this down to two things. The good being that with James Murphy?s ultimate dance label DFA on their side it would be hard to fuck up completely, especially considering everything Murphy comes into contact with turns to gold; proof being that LCD Soundsystem sampled lead single ?Do it Again?, which is by far the album’s highlight. This saves them from falling into the pretty awful La Roux attempt at ?80s, but it doesn?t bring them up to the standard of people like Hot Chip, Cut Copy, the late LCD or even Aeroplane – who have been running this genre for quite some time now – and with nothing new to offer, I don?t see the point.

With at least 3 tracks already released over the last 3 years it all seems a bit lazy and with the final introduction of a live show falling a bit flat, its safe to say that Holy Ghost! will not be taking over where LCD have left. But, what you do have is an inoffensive pop record that will put a smile on your face during the festival season, but not anything worth talking about.