Glasvegas – EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\ (Columbia)

April 17, 2011 by  

Two and a half years have elapsed since Glasvegas? self titled and well received debut came our way. In this time the band have toured extensively, played countless festivals, lost and gained drummers and recorded new album Euphoric Heartbreak.

However do not fear, despite these experiences the band?s glass half empty outlook seems to be well and truly intact if Euphoric Heartbreak is anything to go by.

It will therefore come as no great surprise to those who are familiar with the group?s debut that this latest album is very much a follow on from Glasvegas of two and a half years ago but notably without equivalent tracks to replace hits Geraldine and Daddy?s Gone.

It would seem a cop out, if not a clich? to blame the lack of the above on the band maturing, in terms of sound that is but nevertheless, this is quite possibly the reason. The sinister, minor and darker elements of Glasvegas are all still here and if anything there seems to be greater reliance on the use of dynamics than hooks these days. Track Dream Dream Dreaming serves as a good example and is comparable, in terms of quality, to former hits.

As ever singer James Allan remains ardently passionate throughout Euphoric Heartbreak and this is no less showcased than on tracks The World Is Yours and Whatever Hurts You Through The Night. The latter deservedly winning stand out track award here, mainly for the quality of it?s overall craftsmanship.

In general Euphoric Heartbreak is a positive follow up to ?Glasvegas? but perhaps best described as being more morose and leaning further to shoe gaze than efforts before. The content is largely strong and the fact that tracks on the two albums aren?t as juxtaposed as the city of Glasgow is with say, Las Vegas, will mean that those who ?got? Glasvegas the first time, will no doubt take something positive from a listen to Euphoric Heartbreak.