Frightened Rabbit – State Hospital (Atlantic)

October 3, 2012 by  

Whilst making their last album there were still a few gems that the band felt needed to be aired rather than hidden for a box set for the band?s 20th anniversary. So here we have a five track EP where the opening track ?State Hospital? is the only new material, and by far the best thing the Scottish band have made in years.

Like most of the quintet?s best work, lead singer Scott Hutchinson?s emotional delivery is turned up to 11. He doesn?t hold back on his tales of rape, loneliness and failed Britain. The band is at their best when they are pounding their instruments in unison to create quite a roar when they climax for the choruses of the title track and ?Boxing Day?. The conclusion: spine tingling.

They will never find their way onto any daytime radio playlists. Hutchinson?s graphical imagery would send the switch boards of Magic FM into overdrive. A shame as Frightened Rabbit at their best could take on The National.

State Hospital isn?t perfect and it?s easy to see why some of the tracks were discarded but the opening track is reason alone to purchase the EP until they release an album next year.