Foo Fighters – Wasting Light (RCA Records)

April 28, 2011 by  

Sir Dave Grohl and co are back with their seventh non studio recorded album Wasting Light, a back to basics affair which sees the band go almost full circle by recording in Grohl?s garage on analogue tape. The album also features ghostly figures from the band?s and Grohl?s past; Butch Vig?(Nirvana?s producer), Pat Smear (former guitarist of the band) and Krist Novoselic (founding Nirvana bassist).

Mr Grohl has become somewhat of a statesman of Rock in the last decade. Might be too young to have earned that title and artistically is arguably yet to create an absolute classic with his band mates (not that they haven?t come close: The Colour and The Shape) but he has earned it. He?s a rock legend, who?s made his mark by being part of one of the most influential bands of all time Nirvana and fronting he?s own band Foo Fighters, without going into details that story alone warrant?s entry into Legends of rock dome.

The Foos are a solid band who consistently comes up with the goods and Wasting light is no different but it?s no classic. The problem with it is that there?s nothing ground breaking about it, its standard Foo Fighters but standard Foo is still pretty good. There are some highlights on this LP, Bridge Burning is typical kick you in the head, gut busting Foo. Lead single Rope and Walk are instantly classic Foo stadium rock and White Limo is a Punk Rock/Trash Metal, garage band scream Foo fest. Dear Rosemary is the closest to a Foo love song you?re going to get and These Days showcases an angry and emotional Ghrol. For all the descent tracks you?re forced to swallow some of the fillers on here like A Matter of Time and Miss the Misery which are juvenile for their banal, teenage angst style lyrics.

Over all this back to basics album is really business as usual for the band, it?s good but it?s not outstanding. The intention was to create a raw, back to basics, grunge rock album but the result was a stadium ready, rock LP with an ode to the past recorded in a rich rock star?s garage. You can?t always go back Sir Dave Grohl, nostalgia?s just a bitch sometimes.