Fixers – We’ll Be The Moon (Vertigo)

May 20, 2012 by  

It seems to have taken Fixers an age to release a full LP. They have lit the blogs up with various EPs, which have been welcomed with open arms. Singles have been released as well, including the sun soaked anthem ‘Crystals’ and the hazy ‘Iron Deer Dream’, both of these were received with thumbs up, even from Radio 1 who highlighted the band as a BBC Introducing act to look out for. So when it came to an album release you had the feeling it was either going to go two ways; one way being over hyped recycled rubbish and another being an under rated contender for British album of the year so far.

We’ll Be The Moon will take you on a trip in to indie psychedelia, purple skies and multi coloured stars, lyrics that don’t really mean anything and some of the best vocal harmonies you’ll hear in an album this year. There’s a space-age style to the release that you could only get a slight taste for after hearing the earlier songs like ‘Crystals’ or ‘Majesties Ranch’. However throughout We’ll Be The Moon, you delve deeper into the space-aged psyche of the band. ‘Amsterdam’ makes you feel like you’re listening to the song on the Moon and ‘Alexandra’ plays like a last dance alien prom song, where you announce your feelings to the green skinned, tentacled sweet heart your slow dancing with.

It’s said the groups’ influences include Brain Wilson and Animal Collective, the band have been also called an “avant-garde take on the Beach Boys?, which is a bit of a hefty compliment. This could be partly down to the vocal arrangements Fixers has provided in their songs. Lead singer Jack Goldstein’s Beach Boy’s-esque cries rapidly fizz up and down on each track like a 1970’s yoyo. And the rest of the band join in with Goldstein by adding dreamy harmonies over his otherworldly referenced hooks.

It would be easy to scrutinise the band for including three songs on this album that have already been released either through singles or EPs. However, knowing these songs are fan favourites, the band has decided to add them on to this release – this isn’t a bad thing though as the they just add to the abstract psychedelic style that the Fixers are pursuing in this LP. It also seems as a bit of a nod of appreciation to the fans and a thank you for waiting.

Towards the end of the album you start thinking how the band are going to send off there debut – fortunately it’s done in fantastic fashion with two tracks titled ‘Really Great World’ and ‘Good Night’. After all the space talk and star travelling, Fixers come back down to earth with ‘Really Great World’. It’s a joyful six minute lullaby with a twinkling melody and some of Goldstein’s best song writing. What comes after is even better, a stripped down acoustic number with nothing but a guitar and the bands vocals. It’s something that you’re not expecting at all but a great way to end the psychedelic space journey the band takes you on.

We’ll Be The Moon is an album which exceeds the expectations of Fixers. It has been a long wait for the group to put together an LP, with many people forgetting about the band and how much potential they had to begin with. However, all that can be forgiven as Fixers have produced an astral release which borrows from indie rock, electronica and avant-garde. As it stands, it’s an under rated contender for British album of the year.