Field Music ? Field Music (Measure) 15/02/2010

February 13, 2010 by  

At 20 tracks long, this album is pretty extensive, despite most songs being around the thrifty three-minute mark. The Brothers Brewis have suggested that they have tried to ?do something less coherent? on this release, their third ?proper? studio album. The first few tracks would seem to back this up, as getting off to a fairly ragged start it switches from the moody, bass-led ?Each Time is a New Time? to the upbeat, acoustic ?Them That Do Nothing?.

After the opening numbers though, the tracks all take on a pretty similar tempo and tone; blending together almost seamlessly in places. The album plays like a suite of prog-rock movements rather than a collection of unique tracks with the instrumental tracks only adding to this effect. This is to the album?s benefit and detriment. On one hand, the Field Music sound is often pleasant and comfortably quirky, or the other hand the album wonders dangerously close towards ?background music? territory, simply because it?s so unobtrusive. The clever use of close vocal harmonies and the strings which weave in and out of the album help to lift in places but it never really makes the kind of impact that you think (and hope) it should. The pretty piano on ?The Rest is Noise? does grab some attention but all-too briefly. and

The finale, ?It?s About Time? – at a tantalisingly-whopping 9 minutes-plus – also falls flat, revealing itself to be a mixture of conversational staccato strings and found ambient sounds which break up the recorded silence.