Eugene McGuinness – The Invitation To The Voyage (Domino Records)

August 22, 2012 by  

Apart from sharing his name with a famous Irish beverage I don?t know much about the man except that he?s a London based Irish singer songwriter who looks and sounds cool. He as had critical acclaim from the musos but is yet to set the world on fire with his tunes. He releases his third album with Domino Records called The Invitation to the Voyage.

On first impression McGuinness? sound and persona could come off as pretentious Rockabilly, slick, too cool for school, more style than substance sort of thing. The stylist has clearly been recruited to give him a makeover aligning him with the rest of the stylish pop kids, good move from the label there or is it? I mean it hasn?t done Ed Sheeran any harm literally looking like Joe Bloggs, do they all need too to look ?ber ? stylish to get our attention?! In McGuinness? case it seems it was, having said that the sound fits the look so let?s not be dismissive.

Tracks such as Lion, Shotgun (Peter Gunn- sample) and Thunderbolt reflect directly on that Rockabilly look. Title track The Invitation To The Voyage a sultry, electric guitar driven mid-tempo ballad with 50?s style harmonies romanticises the old school in style and emulates the new school in the form of Alex Turner who?s clearly been an influence on McGuinness, can?t be blamed it?s easy to fall for the man?s talents especially if you have literally been in his shadow as his and Miles Kane?s guitarist for some time.

An all round well crafted album in terms of sound and lyrics, using a timeless style that can?t really be faulted but the style might override and under mind the music slightly. It remains to be seen whether McGuinness will be able to finally make his mark with his new brand of cool pop.