Errors ? Have Some Faith in Magic (Rock Action Records)

March 20, 2012 by  

Feeling like you?re missing a bit of Scottish multi-instrumental madness in your life? Well, fear not! Because Errors are here to rectify that problem with their latest offering, ?Have Some Faith in Magic?. So strap yourself in, because who knows what electronic tomfoolery may behold us in the next ten tracks.

When faced with an album such as this, eleven songs of rugged soundscapes, gripping synthesised harmonies and minimal, slightly soporific vocals, it can be an incredibly hard task to decipher and talk about each track individually. There is a risk that everything can sound like a big jumbled electronic mess, but fortunately there is no sign of that happening here. As each track manages to tell its own story through an unimaginable amount of dramatic twists and turns, it means that there is never a dull moment when listening to this album.

?Blank Media? could easily be a modern day sea shanty with its ghostly howls and faintly familiar serene synth line. Just picture the scene: a fleet of rugged salty sea dogs sailing the seven seas? or just four sweaty Glaswegians huddled over their instruments, your choice. The opening gambits of ?Magna Encarta?, provide us with a welcome dose of laid-back glitchy electronic tweetings paired with some undercurrents of throbbing sub-bass, before the introduction of a thunderous kick drum and some empowering guitar work transforms this song into an incredibly tasty concoction of post-rock brilliance. This thoroughly proves that Errors surely know how to pack a mighty musical punch.

As good as this album sounds on record, you can be assured that the real magic is actually seeing the record come into life when performed live by the band. It is highly recommended that you catch them come this festival season -I?m sure you wont? regret it. Whatever genre it is, acid-house, new-age electronica or post-rock, Errors are rocking it and rocking it hard.