Errors – Come Down With Me (Rock Action) 01/03/2010

March 15, 2010 by  

The first noticeable thing about this album is the title. Whether this was intended as simply a pun, or whether it intends to point you in the direction of the music is questionable, because whilst this album has it?s down-tempo tracks, it is not exactly a down-tempo record.

The first ninety seconds of the album opener ?Bridge Or Cloud? could fool you into expecting an ambient, chill-out record; then the drums kick in and for the next three minutes you are taken on a meandering journey fusing delicate, layered hooks with distorted synths and guitar riffs. The second track and first single ?A Rumour In Africa? begins with frantic guitar picking and then comes at you with a brilliantly catchy guitar riff that alone justifies this as a single. The impressive opening trio ends with ?Supertribe?, which has an unmistakable funky-house bass line and leaves any down-tempo preconceptions quashed, or so you would think.

After this the album never reaches the same pace, the drums are still the heartbeat of the tracks but they are met with deliberately colder guitars and keys, giving some justification to the albums title. The album though never reaches the same heights as the first 3 tracks, which is not an insult. Nevertheless, whilst they are obviously intricate and thoughtful compositions, there are no distinguishing features, and you are left waiting for that spark to spring them in to life. ?Beards?, the album closer is the pick of these tracks and is an intriguing listen.

The band deserve credit for creating a quite original sound and sonically they are on top of their game. They managed to show more creativity in the first three tracks than some bands do in an album, and if they had managed to maintain that level for the duration we would be talking about a quite extraordinary record.