Dum Dum Girls ? Only in Dreams (Sub Pop)

September 21, 2011 by  

Over the past few years, the music world has been hit with a high number of all girl groups e.g. Dum Dum Girls, Vivian girls and Warpaint. Which means trying to sift the wheat from the chaff can be an extremely difficult challenge, but the new offering from Dum Dum Girls ?only in dreams? is threatening to put them on top of this pile of highly-talented musical songstresses.

This californian four-piece make their intentions clear right from first song ?always looking? as punchy muscular guitars chug away to create a gritty power pop anthem, no frills attached. And be warned, this album is packed full of highly catchy vocal hooks which paired with the almost anthemic guitar lines, is a highly potent formula. But its not just the instrumentation that impresses on the album, as lead singer Dee Dee?s (yes that is her real name!) dominating voice manages to magnificently transform with each song, from the sincere wailing of a siren in distress on ?in my head? to a menacing snarl in ?always looking?.

Standout songs include; ?coming down? which is a slow song to trump all slow songs, a six and a half minute serene ballad full of dramatic twists and turns, which may reduce you to a blubbering wreck. A plodding bass manages to blend perfectly with the softly reverberated drums, which creates a perfect platform for Dee Dee to unleash yet more heart wrenching vocals ?if you ever had a real heart, I don?t think you?d know where to start.?

From one end of the emotional spectrum to the other, we get the highly charged and very confrontational ?wasted away?. It?s shuffling drums and writhing guitars sum up what this album is about, power pop packed with an extra punch.

With the impending winter gloom that is almost upon us, ?only in dreams? is one last stab at summer supremacy, and what a good one it is at that.