Doldrums ? Lesser Evil (Souterrain Transmissions)

March 11, 2013 by  

doldrums leser evil

Fans of Doldrums would know that Airick Woodhead has been around quite a while; eight years to be pretty precise. New comers to this artist need to know that Woodhead creates a form of industrial noise-pop for ravers. That new form of noisy art pop, which has been championed by present artists like Grimes, Purity Ring and Crystal Castles, so this obviously means Doldrums’ style has an affection for broody and dark music. Hence the title Lesser Evil.

Lesser Evil is an eerie listen, but also an up beat release that will have you bouncing off the walls in the dark. It’s an album that likes to play with the atmosphere it provides you. At times you will just hear industrial ambience and Woodhead’s light screeching until a beat kicks in. It?s like it leaves you waiting in an empty factory with machinery clanking all around you. Obviously you are either going to like this sound or absolutely loath it.

However this all seems to be part of the Doldrums darkly charm. Tracks like ?Anomaly? and ?Egypt? are fine songs that really show a commercial avenue for Woodhead to go down, although this will be quite a sinister avenue, which you probably wouldn?t want to go down by yourself at night. This is the difference between Woodhead and his Canadian counterpart Grimes. Grimes’ commercial status in 2012 arrived from her form of noise pop, which was more pop then noise. Doldrums seems to be the other way round.

Saying all that, this Doldrums debut is a big dip into that Canadian noise pop scene, which has been bubbling for a long time now. It may not be the album that launches Woodhead and his style of music into the charts; it?s more likely to be the album that champions the scene and brings it to bigger crowds. This is probably what he would prefer.