Django Django – Django Django (Because)

January 30, 2012 by  

Some people often look at bands and dismiss them because they do not have the right look or just don?t seem cool enough, but what a misjudgment! As previous geeky electro pioneers Hot Chip have proved, if you?ve got the tunes then nothing else matters, and fortunately for Django Django they have just proved their electro geek-funk credentials with this absolute cracker of a debut album.

All we have had from Django Django prior to this album was a string of outrageously fine singles, which well and truly whetted many a music lover?s appetite in anticipation for this extremely hyped debut. And it certainly does not fail to disappoint, as right from the off you are plunged into a serene haziness of tweeting animals, spacey electronic bleeps, and tribal chants! But don?t think that is going to be the running theme of the album, oh no these Djangos certainly are dastardly! Because out of the blue comes ?Default? a furious concoction of electronic brilliance, with it?s stuttering robotic vocals and heavy blues style guitar riffage. This current single could well be the record that makes many people stand up and take note of the band (well I suppose it doesn?t harm that it is actually currently being championed by BBC 6 Music!) ?Storm? is possibly one of the catchiest songs you are going to hear all year, with an absolute monster of a vocal hook with lyrics such as ?you are a maze of complex sums, I?ve gambled all my fingers and now I?m onto my thumbs? paired with some booming tribal drums proves that these Scottish chaps certainly know how to make an anthem (or two, or just a whole album?s worth really?)

This album sounds like a strange lovechild between Metronomy and Hot Chip with some lashings of Franz Ferdinand thrown in for good measure, which is certainly a formula for success and therefore means that this album is definitely worth a listen! With a full UK tour penned in for late February, times are certainly looking bright for the Django boys.