Diiv – Oshin (Captured Tracks)

July 18, 2012 by  

Ride must surely be thinking that now is the time for a reformation. Shoegazing has never been so trendy and although My Bloody Valentine will forever be known as the kings of the genre, Ride were the crown princes and had the most fun. Sadly Andy Bell is happy to stand behind Liam arse and plod along to the dad rock of Beady Eye for it to happen. So until then let?s enjoy the new pretenders to the throne.

Diiv?s ?Oshin? ( I guess the words Dive and Ocean just don?t cut it in the cut throat world of dream pop) has already been hyped to the top of the pile so much by the online blogs and so called indie know-it-alls , that a cynic like myself would already want to loathe it before it even reaches the player. That said, luckily for Diiv the first 3 tracks on ?Oshin? are so enchanting that I could toss aside my cynical cloak and truly engage in to the magical sound of Diiv. The guitar lines match The Cure at their 80?s melodic prime, whilst the groove and the synths create the space for Zachary Cole Smith (also of Beach Fossils) to inject his hypnotic nonsense. As the lyrics are barely audible almost mumbled from another studio, which is one of the main grumbles towards the album. A strong vocal could have really rocketed tracks like ?Human? and ?Follow? into great new heights.

Instead ?Oshin? is a good album not a great album. The Brooklynite?s have the perfect album to accompany the sequel to Drive and have captured the shoegaze zeitgeist perfectly, but just fail to not get washed away in the tide of similar bands.