Devin – Romancing (French Kiss/No Evil Records)

May 30, 2012 by  

Devin Therriault or just Devin, we’re on a one name basis here, is a Brooklyn based singer songwriter who releases his debut ?Romancing? on No Evil Records. The boy looks like Morrissey and sounds like an old school Rock ‘n Roller, singing the blues over punky guitars.

Taking from an era revived in this modern age by the likes of The Strokes and The Black Keys , Devin offers up an album of love songs with the attitude of the Kinks and the sentiment of Jack White ? which are all good influences, especially the latter. If you want to look to a musician today that takes from the past and makes it their own, then Jack White is your best bet. Devin, however, has missed that boat and created an album that completely lacks in originality. But this does not make it a bad album – it still sounds fresh even if it?s nothing new. Truth is, Rock ‘n Roll will always sound good regardless of the era you?re listening to it in.

Standout tracks include lead single ?Masochist?, ?New Horrors?, I?m Not a Fool? and ?You?re Mine?. Beyond those it’s all a little samey and sounds like bunch old time New York and British rockers had a love child and they him called Devin.