David Byrne & St. Vincent ? Love This Giant

September 18, 2012 by  

To describe David Byrne as a ?legend? would be a criminal understatement. The Talking Heads frontman steered his band to global recognition with a brilliantly revolutionary new style of music, which continues to influence artists to this day – even three decades on.

On this new endeavor, he has teamed up with fellow New York heavyweight St. Vincent (a.k.a. Annie Clark) to create a remarkably exceptional new album full of hip hop beats, dastardly doses of brass instruments and some of the silkiest vocal croons your ever likely to encounter.

The collaboration was actually set up by homeless charity Housing Works (the same visionaries that bought Bjork & and Dirty Projectors together for a collaborative album) and it works supremely well; the cooling influence of Annie perfectly compliments the inspired groans of David Byrne.

Not only this, but the duo have stated in recent interviews that because of certain monetary issues and because they wanted to try something new and challenging, they have decided to mainly work and record with a brass backing band, with little other instrumentation – and it works. Be prepared to reconsider your opinion that the grey-haired gaggle of the local brass band isn?t cool, because now they are.

Standout songs from the album include; ?Weekend in the Dust? which provides us with short throbbing stabs of trumpet, shuffling drums and extremely sassy vocals by Annie Clark – quite frankly its simply magnificent.

David Byrne proves that he?s not lost any of his famed vigor in ?Dinner For Two? where he cheekily poses the following question:? ?how about you and me, dinner for two?? – the wily old silver fox.

They are currently on tour in America, and I for one are overjoyed that David Byrne is back in the game with a bang! Because, let?s face it, who doesn?t want to see the return of oversized shoulder pads, baggy suits and stupidly brilliant dance moves.