Darwin Deez – Darwin Deez (Lucky Number Music) 12/04/2010

April 9, 2010 by  

He is 25, he?s a New Yorker, he?s a Baba Lover and he?s a Vegan restaurant waiter, now with the pleasantries out of the way you should know that Darwin Deez also has got one of the most infectious indie pop albums of the year so far and there are no synths in site, barring maybe a drum machine, which is good news.

Indeed it might sound like there is electronica on this album but its nonexistent here, Deez is just being a clever clog with his guitar, and the whole record is fairly organic that way. Now pay attention here comes the science bit, he plays his guitar like a synth should be played, bending notes, chopped chords, reverb and all.

This album is full of perfected pop ditties, ?Constellations? the first single of the record, is the 101 on writing pop songs it uses nursery rhyme and repetition, this is classic formulaic pop writing, but forgivable when it is this ridiculously infectious. Listening to second single ?Radar Detector? is like taking a hit of instant Prozac, it is that catchy and is my personal favourite, when he hits that falsetto, repeating ?You are a Radar Detector? I break into a smile instantly much like a reflex.

?Bad Day? is an amusing ?I hate you? tale about an ex girlfriend wishing her hill I presume, sounds harsh but done in the sweetest, geekiest way possible. ?DNA? is another glorious tale from our favourite geeky pop star wannabe, where he doesn?t care much to acknowledge the end of is relationship. ?Up In The Clouds? is a day dreamer?s star gazing track, sweet as cup cakes.

There are some duds to skip after hearing them once maybe, like ?The Bomb Song? it is a bit lame and doesn?t go anywhere. ?The City? is simply album filler; it never picks up either, there is no chorus, bore.

It is hard to pick any really bad tracks on here, you could pick holes everywhere if you wanted to because of the nature of the album (DIY) but I don?t want to. I recommend just enjoying it for what is, homemade pop done fairly well.